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This tool has been developed to let you build, preview and use your own professional email signature. As email signature experts, we've made sure our templates conform to recommended practices so you'll get a signature that not only looks great, but also can be used as a potentional marketing avenue.

Some information you should know before you get started:

  • Auto-saved: Your email signature template will be saved automatically as you work, even if you close your browser.

  • Remove unwanted fields: Apart from your email address, no additional field are required. You simply clear any field you don't want to remove it from your signature.

  • Invisible fields: Not all fields may be present or visible in a given signature template; try changing templates to see different details appear.

  • Help Center: Tips & tricks, FAQs and support information are available via the Help link in toolbar at the top of this page.

When you've finished, why not check out our award-winning range of signature solutions? You'll be able to easily roll out your new signature design to your entire organization and use personalized contact data taken from your Active Directory. Learn more about signature solutions from Exclaimer.


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